Navigation and Movement

Distraction Free Writing

:Goyo to open distraction free writing


  • - show files in current directory using vinegar plugin
    • - again to go up a level
  • d create directory
  • D delete directory or file
  • % for new file

Conctrol P

  • ctrl+r show buffer tags and symbols in the file
  • ctrl+e show recently used files


  • NERDTreeToggle
  • ? find options
  • m move node
  • a add node
  • d delete node
  • c copy node
  • r refresh listing


  • zR open all folds


  • zz current line middle of screen
  • j,h,k,l for traversing
  • left h
  • right l
  • up k
  • down j
  • top gg
  • ctrl+^ go back to previous edit point or location
  • ctrl+d page down
  • $ move to end of line
  • ^ move to first not blank character on line
  • 0 to move to first column of line
  • f<char> move forward to first instance of character
  • <number>f<char> move forward to Nth character
  • w forward word
  • b back word
  • alt+j move line up
  • alt+k move line down
  • 42G or 42gg or :42 to go to line number


  • /<search> for search


  • :bp buffer previous
  • :ls list all buffers
  • :b3 third buffer (found via list)
  • :bd close tab (buffer) buffer delete
  • :bp previous buffer
  • :+up to cycle through previous commands
  • :bufdo bd! close every buffer
  • ctrl+wo make current buffer full screen


  • :q to close out split
    • ctrl+w then q to close out split
  • :sp for split (default horizontal)
  • switching default is ctrl+w+<movementkey>
  • :vsp for vertical split
  • ctrl+w+| split takes up full
  • ctrl+h+| split takes up full
  • ctrl+w+= to normalize

  • ctrl+h left split

  • ctrl+l right split
  • `sbuffer 3" split for buffer 3
  • search /term
  • next n
  • previous N
  • turn off search ,space actually leader but it works
  • ':copen" show all matches

folder wide

  • :Ag '<search' to search for occurence

Search and replace

  • :Gsearch
    • replace in results file
      • select all lines
      • :s/<query>/<replace> to replace the first match on each line
      • :s/<query>/<replace>/g to replace all matches on all lines
      • :Greplace to run the replace
  • :%s/<query>/<replace>/g to replace all matches on all lines

Autocomplete for substitution

  • visually select for the substitution
  • enter normal mode esc
  • ctrl+f to enter commandline window
  • start typing substitution and hit ctrl+p when needed to autocomplete. e.g.: s/star..


  • :!ctags -R
  • :tag to search for a tag (method)
  • :tn to go to next tag
  • :tp to go to previous tag
  • :ts to select from all of the tags available
  • ctrl+] to go to method from usage. e.g. $this->myMethod() goes to myMethod() definition
  • ,ct for rebuilding tag cache

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