Use wordy for finding wordy words:

:TableFormat: Format the table under the cursor like this.

gx: open the link under the cursor in the same browser as the standard gx command. <Plug>Markdown_OpenUrlUnderCursor

The standard gx is extended by allowing you to put your cursor anywhere inside a link.

Known limitation: does not work for links that span multiple lines.

ge: open the link under the cursor in Vim for editing. Useful for relative markdown links. <Plug>Markdown_EditUrlUnderCursor

The rules for the cursor position are the same as the gx command.

]]: go to next header. Markdown_MoveToNextHeader

[[: go to previous header. Contrast with ]c. Markdown_MoveToPreviousHeader

][: go to next sibling header if any. Markdown_MoveToNextSiblingHeader

[]: go to previous sibling header if any. Markdown_MoveToPreviousSiblingHeader

]c: go to Current header. Markdown_MoveToCurHeader

]u: go to parent header (Up). Markdown_MoveToParentHeader

:Toc: create a quickfix vertical window navigable table of contents with the headers.

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