Multiple cursors


Visual mode sub commands

  • d to delete
  • m to move (cut)

Insert mode

  • i to place the cursor before the normal mode selection
  • a to place the cursor after the normal mode selection
  • shift-I place cursor before first character of the line
  • shift-A place cursor after last character of the line


  • vi for selecting inside (quotes etc) so vi" to select inside ""
  • va for selecting all including delimeter so va{ will select the braces and everything inside.
  • ci change inside and puts you in insert mode (i.e. ci")


  • ds delete sorrounding
  • cs change sorrounding
  • dst delete sorrounding tag
  • cst change sorrounding tag
  • cit change inside tag
  • S add sorrounding to visual selection
  • visual select + :norm vss' to sorround lines with '


di stands for delete inside

  • di+( for deleting everything in between paranthesis
  • di+" for deleting everything in between quotes
  • di+' for deleting everything in between single-quotes
  • x delete character under cursor
  • 3x delete 3 characters forward. Capital for reverse
  • ^D delete all characters on line starting from first non-whitespace
  • 0D delete all characters on line including whitespace

Spell Check

  • Set spell: :setlocal spell
  • Add word: zg

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